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About Us

"Wicked" started as a Brand in 2020. It began to rise in popularity due to it's parent company - WickedBall ! The WickedBall logo and clothing used to represent the company did extremely well over the last 6 years in business. As the company grew it decided to allow its brand to branch of and become it's own symbol of fashion all over the world. Are you ready to Get Wicked?!?!

Wicked Merch sources some of the highest quality clothing and merchandise available on the market. All products are tested and hand picked for quality, design, and affordability before ever making it available to the public. We have a local store in Lombard, IL, currently if you'd like to see any of the merchandise in person.  Wicked Merch is a family owned small business with a small team paying attention to detail on every order. Wicked is different from other companies because of the care and personal touches we put into every product and our customer service with customers. Reviews and making customers happy matters a lot to us. Check out all of the reviews our parent company has! 

Wicked Merch also allows customers to customize any of our merchandise to their liking. Want us to add some cool text to a shirt? How about a picture that means something special? We can add customization to many products such as - Clothing, mouse pads, Koozies, Metal posters, Ornaments, Cups, Mugs, Decals, Stickers, and more! Just send us an E-mail. Our graphic design team can also help fine tune your idea or help create a new one!